Photo of Nadia  Zaboura

Nadia Zaboura

Nadia (@nadia_z) is a consultant, facilitator and photographer from Germany. She holds a degree in communication science. When she is not on the road across the globe with her Leica camera as specialist in street photography, she advises politics and industry about digital strategies and regional development - at the intersection of media, technology and creativity. Passionate about future web business and society, she is furthermore juror of renowned „Grimme Online Award“ and „German Radio Award“. Coming from a multicultural and interdisciplinary background, Nadia published a book about „The empathic brain“. Moreover, together with fellow artists, she launched photography project „“ and performance art project „ZEE“. Nadia published an academic book about „The empathic brain", elucidating the phenomenon of mirror neurons. For Nadia's portfolio, current projects and contact information please follow the links below or use the provided social media handles in the contact bar.