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It’s time for revolution! So we need YOU!

“Let’s talk about revolution” is the topic of our next edition. We want to present new ideas that have the potential to revolutionize our societies and protect our planet: Let’s talk about fighting corruption, building better cities and reducing poverty. Let’s talk about gardens on bus roofs, smog-swallowing bicycles and battery-free cell-phones.

Tell us: Which is the best idea for change that you’ve heard of recently? What is the most impressive project that you know from your country? What fancy invention made you laugh? Which one of your friends has the most creative ideas?

Or simply let us know what topics you would like read about: What is the most pressing problem that urgently needs to be solved?

Drop us a line at: info@tea-after-twelve.com 


Do you want to share your comments or ideas with us? Or do you want to become a contributing member of our little tea room? 

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