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Photo credits:

Issue #1, Chapter 1

The future of mobility

The city of the future 
© LAVA /

Hövding: The airbag helmet with style
© Hövding

Manila's traffic - the gate to hell
© Elmer B. Domingo

© Foster & Partners


Issue #1, Chapter 2

Colombia: When gang members turn to art
© Leonardo Párraga

The aesthetics of a crisis
© Julia Tulke

How a car park turns into a place to be
© La Carpa

Colouring Afghanistan
© Shamsia Hassani

The reality of 1984 is now

A world without waste
© Wiithaa

Cuba's urban farming revolution
© Romtomtom

Ukraine: How everyone can make a change
© Wonderful

Lagos: Lost in waste
© WeCyclers

When refugees build their own cities
© Leonardo Jímenez

Rotation Curation
© Engagement Global

Welcome to Lagos
© T. Obi via FlickR

Visualizing Palestine
© Visualizing Palestine /

Mapping harassment in Egypt
© Gigi Ibrahim

Turkey's "Standing Man"

© Italo Rondinella


Issue #1, Chapter 3

From Favela to Fame
© Youtube /

Eco-Fashion: Is green really the new black?
© matusciac/

Marrakech: The Magic of 1001 nights
© Johanna Kirchner 

Hacking Paris street signs
© Stephan Haller

Funky socks
© WeSell Socks

Mars da Favela: Crystals not Pistols
© Mars Castro

From New York to Hong Kong
© Nadia Zaboura

History as a boxing match
© Reinhard Kleist / SelfMadeHero

© re:publica


Issue #1, Chapter 4

Chapter cover
© Aleksey Stemmer /

Poverty for the camera
© greg.road.trip

Water gets local
© dark day,

The hidden beauties of Riga
© Aleksey Stemmer /

A Brazil without Favelas
© Fez Ta Pronto

Lima, the horrible
© Neo-Kat

Tempelhofer Feld: an urban oasis
© Andreas Prost /


Pigs in art
© Florian Steffens

Streaming: Why don't we build our own?
© Tea after Twelve

Caribbean film: A new era in cinema
© Caribbean film corner

Reviving Pakistani cinema
© Shoaib Ali Zahid via FlickR

Fashion Week Pakistan
© Farrukh via FlickR

Helping Madagasy coders go global
© Drongo Language Solutions

Digital creativity for social good
© European Youth Awards




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