Issue #01 : Urban Life | CHAPTERS


Lost in Waste:
Lagos’ new recycling methods

Lagos produces ten-thousand tons of waste every day. The start-up "Wecyclers" provides a fleet of cyclists that act as mobile recycling collectors in the poorer areas of the town.

soulbottles: Forget Plastic!

Did you know that your plastic bottles for your drink to go are not only damaging the environment but also your health? Two guys from Berlin developed a complete toxin-free and very stylish solution to solve this problem.

How mobility innovations could re-shape our cities

The “Smart City”, a city in which modern technologies allow for sustainable living, will soon be technically feasible.

The organic jeans revolution

Daring the impossible: the Dutch fashion brand Kuyichi is a pioneer in producing organic, fair trade jeans.

Visualizing Palestine: Putting daily life in the picture

The reality of daily life for Palestinians is complex. But the initiative Visualizing Palestine took on the challenge of spreading the word, making “creative visuals to describe a factual rights-based narrative of Palestine/Israel”.

"I wish we had less money to spend"

When asked to name three wishes, Patrick Condon says he'd like people to think in a more complex way, for global warming deniers to burn in hell, and that we had less money to spend. He has spent his lifetime investing in sustainable city design and found some simple but effective answers for how to reduce greenhouse gases.

Egypt: Walls of Freedom

During the Egyptian revolution, Cairo’s walls became newspapers of resistance. Mural artist Ammar Abo Bakr tells their story - a story of power, politics and revolutionary fight.

Mars da Favela: Crystals not Pistols

Australian rapper Mars Castro turns bullet casings from Brazil's favelas into jewellery. Bling instead of bang, Mars da Favela instead of Mc Marsepan.

How a French start-up is declaring war on garbage production

Wiithaa helps businesses and communities reduce their waste production and thus the costs of waste disposal with one ultimate goal: making waste disappear.

Mapping harassment in Egypt

Can social media keep women from being harassed? This was the aim of the Egyptian start-up HarassMap when founded 4 years ago. We talked to women in Egypt: Did it actually help them?

Ukraine: How everyone can make a change

You think you can’t change the world all by yourself? Then the “Wonderful” initiative in Ukraine is proving you wrong! The actions taken by these young people are changing the urban landscape of Kiev.

A new life every week

Are you working on an exciting project? Dedicated to a good cause? Here’s how you can bring others on board!

Cuba's urban farming revolution

Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure today provides an exemplary precedent that could be applied worldwide.

Soundtrack of issue #1: Start wearing purple

A Brazil without Favelas

The Fez Tá Pronto company is creating something that many think impossible: inexpensive, well-located and good quality apartments in Brazil’s cities.

Colouring Afghanistan

Would you expect that Afghanistan's first graffiti artist is female? We talked to Shamsia Hassani about graffiti and her home country in Afghanistan.


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