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Haize: The smart compass for your bike

Cruising the city by bike can spark an amazing feeling of freedom - as long as you don't have to hop on and off your bike to look up directions. But now there’s Haize, a new navigation system that keeps you cycling without limitations.

Where the rich pay for the poor

Rarely has the Robin Hood principle been so charmingly enacted as in a restaurant of the same name in Spain. The wealthy dine here during the day, and pay for a free, warm, meal for the needy at night.

Protecting LGBTI refugees from homophobic attacks in Europe

Europe is supposed to be one of the safest places for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual and intersexed (LGBTI) people to live. Nevertheless, LGBTI refugees still often suffer abuse. Could different housing options change their fates?

We Don’t Want your Dirty Money

Five Swiss villages rejected a tax windfall from a commodities corporation and donated it to the countries harmed by the corporation’s ruthless production methods.

The Kiezkaufhaus –
the local shopping express

Online shopping with a twist: The Kiezkaufhaus project exclusively offers products from local retailers and delivers faster than Amazon.

The Bike Project:
improving quality of life for refugees

Why the restoration of abandoned bikes can mean a taste of freedom for refugees in London.

Making the world a better place –
and making money off it.

The start-up community has fundamentally changed in recent years, and innovators interested in earning money while doing good are right on trend. Read about why social entrepreneurs should not be discouraged by old prejudices.

How to use crowdlending to finance your start-up without giving up control

As a (social) enterprise, there are a handful of basic financing options for funding your expansion, and none of them are perfect. One of the most recent trends is crowdlending, which could be very promising for start ups without getting an investor involved.

Drumi – the pedal-powered washer

This tiny washing machine runs without electricity and takes up almost no space.

Are we sleepwalking straight into another financial crisis?

How fintech could save us from the next financial breakdown.


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