Photo of Georg  Steinfelder

Georg Steinfelder

Georg studied Art History for two semesters and found his passion for graphic design after realizing that he wanted to be creative instead of analyzing the work of others. He started studying graphic design at Die Graphische in Vienna and graduated with a master’s degree in 2011. He completed a summer internship in his hometown Gmunden, where he gathered first team experience with current Os member Paul Spiesberger. They worked together on small side projects in fall of 2011. Working at an agency for graphic design, communication design and advertising, he participated in his first big side project called “Woody” in 2012. What seemed like a one-time job at first turned out to be a reasonable success. He then decided then to team up with the other team members to form the group “Os”. They have worked together ever since. He is passionate about taking experimental approaches to social issues. His goal is to push people out of their normal mindset and make them look at problems differently.