The Tea Team

We’re a team of journalists from Germany with the dream to connect the world through internet media. We were always missing a publication that is truly international and inspiring. Hence, we killed our piggybanks and did our own!

Tea after Twelve is for and from the creative spirits of this world who want to push the limits. We publish stories by and about people who are just as sick and tired of hearing “that just won’t work!” as we are. 

And these creative minds are everywhere – in every country at every level: the political revolutionaries, the free spirits, the inventors and the lateral thinkers. The old Apple slogan hits the nail on the head: Think different! We want to expand on that idea by adding another aspect: Think different and spread the idea. After all, good ideas only work really well if others pick up and run with them.



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Sarah Klein & Eva-Maria Verfürth

Founders & Editors in Chief





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    Eyram Tawia

    CEO & Founder

    Roxana Adam


    Christiane Laibach

    DEG Management Board Member

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