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Villa Welpeloo: Constructed from waste materials

Villa Welpeloo is a house in the Netherlands constructed from 60 percent salvaged material. Google Earth helped detect the best construction area and identify waste stock.

Magic Screen: For the best Olympic & European Championship experience

This mobile projection screen let you enjoy the games in Paris & Rio everywhere.

Retro style space tourism posters

Travelling to other planets could be the next big thing in a 100 years or so. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory already set up the advertisement for it. The result are stunning posters in retro design.

Design in Space

Interview with the first space architect, Galina Balaschova, who designed the interiors of the famous Mir & Sojus space stations.

How art is saving the lives of refugees in the Mediterranean

Since October, a floating island has offered a safety zone to refugees in distress at sea: complete with food, life buoys and solar-powered emergency telephones.

“It’s not a refugee crisis - it's a damn political failure”

Now is the time to take action on the refugee crisis and move past the usual, useless blather, says Joséphine Goube, Expert on Immigration for the European Commission.

The floating Dutchman

In the tradition of his water-taming nation, Dutchman Koen Olthuis designs floating islands to dwell and live on – not least because climate change calls for new solutions in architecture.

Hosting refugees at home

A Dutch volunteer organisation is placing refugees in private homes where they enjoy the warmth of family life instead of the impersonal anonymity of life in a huge centre.

The story of the Guatemalan astronaut who never was

How a dentist from Guatemala convinced his government to send him into space – with faked certificates and doctored photos.

BlindShell: A smartphone app for the visually impaired

How does vision loss – partial or complete – affect a person's ability to communicate using a mobile device? The Blindshell app offers a range of options designed to simplify smartphone use for the visually impaired.


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UPLUX: “IKEA is not the only style that can have wide appeal”

Saving energy through upcycling: Producing these Bauhaus inspired industrial desk lamps saves millions of joules of energy.

Bringing clean air to the cities

Air pollution is a major problem in big cities. This new approach combines biofiltration with IoT to improve air quality. CityTree is a product, that is not just useful, but also extremely attractive.


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