• Feather intervention on newspaper cut-outs. © Fabio Males
    Ink drawing on paper. © Fabio Males
    Feather on paper. © Fabio Males
    © Fabio Males
    Painting in oil on paper. © Fabio Males
    Painting in oil on paper © Fabio Males
    Drawing on paper. © Fabio Males
    Ink & acrylic painting on paper. © Fabio Males
    Painting in oil on paper. © Fabio Males
    Acrylic painting on paper. © Fabio Males
  • There has been a lot of talking and researching about indigenous art in Latin America recently, still most of us only know the traditional art from colonial or even pre-colonial times. But of course, there's so much more out there!

    Fabio Males is a young indigenous artist from the Andean Nariño region in Colombia. His work focuses on intense introspection: He searches to find "what few humans want to see and many hide, revealing man himself as his own god and devil".

    Fabio's work alludes to traditional indigenous stories and legends, to shamanic rituals and metaphores from the jungle. It includes animals and humans, religion and politics, oneiric worlds and theories of its own.

    For more artwork visit his blog or Facebook page.

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