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Grazia Vittadini

When you work in aeronautics, the sky is not the limit. As a young girl kicking footballs and skidding across muddy fields with her friends, Grazia Vittadini had no idea she would one day be a leading figure at a company that grosses 67 billion euros annually and dominates the aerospace industry.

Japleen Pasricha

In a country where rape and discrimination against women are daily evils, activist Japleen Pasricha has made it her mission to ensure women’s voices are heard. She employs digital tools like her Feminism in India online magazine and online campaigns, and raises awareness of cyber harassment.

Joana Varon

United women in a man’s world: Joana’s indignation about gender imbalances in technology inspired her to found Coding Rights, an international woman-led network for human rights in the digital sphere. She believes technology development has to be feminist, non-discriminatory, and globally fair.

Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo

Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo is a compulsive serial entrepreneur. Bubbling with new ideas and the enthusiasm to match, she has created at least ten tech companies – including one of Indonesia’s first, Bubu.com – and mentored several others over the span of 20 years.

Regina Mbodj Brown

Regina has high hopes of tech start-ups and their ability to drive the economy, improve health care, and combat poverty. For years she worked as a programmer all over Africa, and today heads the CTIC IT incubator and accelerator in Senegal.

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Frosti Sigurjónsson

Politician & entrepreneur


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Tibor Gungl

Artisan & Entrepreneur

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