Chapter 2 : Health

Print yourself a new liver

Looking for alternatives to the long-drawn process of organ donation, Dr. Anthony Atala and his team at the US-based Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have successfully grown organs in their laboratory. Now they are experimenting with using bioink for 3D to print tissues and organs.

Saving newborns’ lives with a hypothermia monitoring bracelet

How a bracelet for newborns has saved over 1,000 children from death

Breast cancer: Maintaining your beauty with 3D printing

3D-printed breast prostheses from South Africa are helping women come to terms with a mastectomy.

Drop dead deadly

These beautiful popsicles are made of polluted water to raise awareness of water contamination.

Mobile Ultrasound for Remote Medical Services

A new data-processing method developed by Israeli Technion University is helping to digitalize ultrasound imagining.

Cheaper and better healthcare for everyone

A Kenyan start-up is promising patients cheaper and better access to healthcare through iSikCure – a free mobile phone app.

Human magnetism: the new sixth sense

Animals have a magnetic sense: birds can "feel" the earth's geomagnetic field and use this information for orientation. With a new implantable tool, humans may soon be able to feel magnetism too.


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