Issue#05 : Creating Wonderland | CHAPTERS


Cheaper and better healthcare for everyone

A Kenyan start-up is promising patients cheaper and better access to healthcare through iSikCure – a free mobile phone app.

Augmenting the reality of our food

While many of us wrestle with the crucial question, “to eat or not to eat”, a lot of labs and companies are experimenting with virtual reality food. But what on earth is it? And does it involve real eating at all?

The magical shoes that transform from high heels into flats in just seconds

Step right up, ladies, into shoe wonderland! This crowdfunding project is sure to make all your dreams come true. A clever German start-up has come up with an answer a problem that has plagued women since the invention of the high heel, and you’re sure to love it.

Former drug addicts growing healthy, local food

When Steve Glover, a former addict and recovery counsellor decided to support fellow addicts and ex-offenders after treatment, he ended up creating one of the UK’s leading sustainable urban food businesses.

The Algorithm Lawyer

This free robot solicitor represents people who cannot afford a ‘real’ one.

Once Upon a Time

Two beautifully designed books portray the lives of women throughout history.

Print yourself a new liver

Looking for alternatives to the long-drawn process of organ donation, Dr. Anthony Atala and his team at the US-based Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have successfully grown organs in their laboratory. Now they are experimenting with using bioink for 3D to print tissues and organs.



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