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Good Hairday Pasta

Are haircare products now being misshelved with the noodles? While they may look like they belong in a high-class salon, Moscow designer Nikita Konkin’s elegant packaging displays pasta.

Resurrecting Salvador Dali

Exceptional artist and eccentric Salvador Dali would have been 115 years old this year. In the virtual world at least, he can now blow out the candles on his birthday cake: The Dali Museum has brought him back to life with Deepfake in the Dali Lives experience.

The world’s first fully solar powered airport

Under pressure from skyrocketing electricity prices, an airport in India’s southern state of Kerala came up with the idea of generating its own electricity.

New battery can charge an electric car in 10 minutes

One of the reasons electric cars are still not very widespread is that they can take hours or even days to charge. But that may soon change: researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a new lithium-ion battery that charges in as little as 10 minutes.

BIO-LUTIONS: a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic

Many people are moving away from single-use plastic because of the environmental damage it causes. But what are the alternatives? One German company stands out for a particularly environmentally friendly solution – as cheap and available as plastic, but entirely biodegradable.

The engineer who fixed his own heart

When Tal Golesworthy was told he was at risk of his aorta bursting, he wasn’t impressed with the surgery on offer – so he came up with his own idea. His invention not only saved his own life, but also of many others.

Poly-fuel and paving roads: turning non-recyclable plastic into a resource

A lot of our attention is focused on reducing plastic waste, but what can we do with the huge amount of plastic waste we already have? Two innovative Indian companies have come up with creative solutions: they are transforming plastic waste into fuel or using it to build roads.

Re-cycling polluted air

Cycling prevents enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, as bicycles generate about 10 times fewer greenhouse gases than individual motorized transport. But what if we could do even better, and ride smog-cleaning bicycles that sucks up polluted air?

Apple leather handbags

It looks like leather, and feels like leather - but it's actually made out of apples! A Swiss company is breaking new ground in the fashion industry with a unique, vegan handbag collection. Made of fruit waste.



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