Issue#05 : Creating Wonderland | CHAPTERS


How Baghdad’s youth movement is re-uniting a divided society.

A carnival defies the bombs: Tens of thousands of people party for peace in downtown Baghdad.

Hacking Lego – Toys for the Maker Generation

Children and adults all over the world love creative toys like LEGO® bricks, but bricks from different brands usually don’t fit together. MakerBrane modules offer the solution: they allow you to link up anything and everything and build whatever you like.

Drop dead deadly

These beautiful popsicles are made of polluted water to raise awareness of water contamination.

The magical shoes that transform from high heels into flats in just seconds

Step right up, ladies, into shoe wonderland! A clever German start-up has come up with an answer to a problem that has plagued women since the invention of the high heel.

Memory in Cardboard

In Bogotá, a group of people displaced by violence describe their experiences through drawings and prints. In this way, they attempt to heal their wounds and prevent the past from repeating itself.

Former drug addicts growing healthy, local food

When Steve Glover, a former addict and recovery counsellor decided to support fellow addicts and ex-offenders after treatment, he ended up creating one of the UK’s leading sustainable urban food businesses.

eDecorating - Design your home online

Milray Park brings you together with interior designers – online, so your personal dream interior can come true from the comfort of your very own couch.

Using data to track down serial killers

A former investigative journalist has developed an algorithm that uses FBI homicide data to track down murderers.

Risking one’s life for a laugh

Can you joke about ISIS? An Iraqi news satire show, the Albasheer Show, is doing just that. And it is winning over viewers, even in ISIS occupied areas where the show has been banned.



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