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  • The magical shoes that transform from high heels into flats in just seconds

    Step right up, ladies, into shoe wonderland! This crowdfunding project is sure to make all your dreams come true. A clever German start-up has come up with an answer a problem that has plagued women since the invention of the high heel, and you’re sure to love it. 

    Before we get to that though, let’s take a quick poll:
    How many pairs of high heels are currently in your wardrobe? How many do you actually wear? And how many are ‘sitting shoes’, gorgeous, yes, comfortable, no, and most definitely not made for walking? How often do you lug a pair of flats around to change into when your feet can’t take it after a few hours in those lovely, must-have high heels? Too often?

    Well take heart. You’ll never need back-up shoes again.

    German start-up Mime et Moi has developed a new technology that allows you to switch out the heels on your shoes. From a towering 10cm to a more practical 7cm and right down to flats, stilettos, block heels and anything in-between – these shoes can do it all. Select from a range of 7 heels that click on and off the body of the shoe in just seconds. Walk to work in comfy flats, add a modest heel for the office, then go all out in 10cm heels at the after-work party. And if your feet start to tire, simply click the flat heel back in so your tender tootsies don’t ruin the evening.

    The Mime et Moi team reached its funding goal on Kickstarter in just a short time, but it is still worth getting in on the ground floor. Support the project now and receive a pair of Mime et Mois with an exclusive extra heel. 

  • © Mime et Moi
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Comments (2)
  1. Dennis , 03.11.2017, 15:36:47

    These shoes are the shoes of the future. That is so cool that you can just change them from flats to heels. It's so awesome that there are multiple style of heels included. From stiletto to superblock.

  2. Uju , 01.06.2019, 02:40:26

    I have had this foot drop challenge which makes me need new shoes almost 2 monthly. I have also been advised by my doctor to stay away from heels for a period so, I started browsing convertible footwear. I never knew they were in existence. Kudos