Chapter 2 : Making money

Modobag: Saddle up your luggage

Modobag is the first motorized suitcase you can ride. Just hop on, step on the gas, and ride off to your destination in style!

One of the world’s first self-sustaining water treatment plants

What can you do with just a toothbrush and a bit of lemon juice? Clean one of the first completely self-sustaining water processing plants in the world!

Business-Advice from Pirates and Gangsters

Do you know what a drug dealer could teach you about distribution network development? Or what you could learn about sustainable profit margins from Somalian pirates? Surprisingly a lot.

Haize: The smart compass for your bike

Cruising the city by bike can spark an amazing feeling of freedom - as long as you don't have to hop on and off your bike to look up directions. But now there’s Haize, a new navigation system that keeps you cycling without limitations.

Making money by doing good

Incubator, accelerator, innovation lab: What are the best ways to support entrepreneurial creativity?

China’s first sustainable golf resorts

That maintaining golf courses causes harm to ecosystems the world over is nothing new. What is new to the sport is a sustainable golf resort company in China which is pioneering sustainable tourism in the country.

The Seawater Greenhouse: Eco-friendly farming in the desert

Did you know that large-scale greenhouse agriculture often takes water out of the ground faster than it can be replenished? Not the Seawater Greenhouse: This simple technology allows farmers to irrigate huge crop fields without harming the environment at all but rather helping to restore it.

Gifts for your loved ones abroad

Send a birthday cake to your sister back home or buy airtime for your best buddy: African start-ups design innovative services for the diaspora & expat communities.

On the Fast Track

From health and taxi apps to traceable shea nuts and mobile electricity: Innovative start-ups are simplifying everyday life in Africa.

How Peruvian Pokémon Go players pump money into the motorcycle taxi business

Eager to cover more ground, Peruvian Pokémon Go players are hiring motorcycle taxi drivers.

Exchanging e-waste for energy-efficient lighting

A small Indian start-up is addressing proper e-waste disposal by making its clients a great offer: in exchange for their used dead electronic gadgets, people receive energy efficient LED lights for free.

Making the world a better place –
and making money off it.

The start-up community has fundamentally changed in recent years, and innovators interested in earning money while doing good are right on trend. Read about why social entrepreneurs should not be discouraged by old prejudices.

How to use crowdlending to finance your start-up without giving up control

As a (social) enterprise, there are a handful of basic financing options for funding your expansion, and none of them are perfect. One of the most recent trends is crowdlending, which could be very promising for start ups without getting an investor involved.


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