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  • The idea for a shoe that transforms into wild flowers was the brainchild of Dutch designer Christiaan Maats. It came to him in 2008, as he was finishing a degree in industrial design at the University of Delft. Maats was looking for ways to use products to draw attention to global challenges, and the resulting concept is the epitome of sustainable product design.

    OAT Shoe sneakers are more than just stylish. They help create new life in the form of gorgeous flowers for your garden or balcony. Like a phoenix from the ashes, wild flowers like daisies and poppies are reborn from your old shoes when you plant them in soil. The trick: The tongue contains seeds that sprout once the biologically degradable shoe begins to deteriorate.

    Whether you prefer skater chic or an elegant city sneaker, OAT Shoes offers a wide selection sure to delight any shoe enthusiast. According to Maats, the shoes are manufactured in a family-operated firm in Bulgaria under fair working conditions. The soles are etched with the brand logo, a branch in relief. Last year the company even released the “Oaties” for babies, which grow into a pine tree. 

    This article was first published in German language on Good Impact magazine. You can find the original text written by Lena Unbehauen here.

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