Chapter 3 : Re-Design

Turning waste into green energy

A Kenyan engineer has developed a smart biogas dome to turn waste into clean and affordable energy for Nairobi’s slum areas.

Life in Plastic

How building houses out of used plastic could solve the world’s plastic waste problem.

Rio de Janeiro: The first people-powered football pitch

A small favela in Rio is demonstrating how easy it is to generate energy – just run.

Magic Screen: For the best Olympic & European Championship experience

This mobile projection screen let you enjoy the games in Paris & Rio everywhere.

How to upcycle fishing nets into skateboards

The US start-up Bureo fights ocean pollution and supports Chilean fishing communities by upcycling discarded fishing nets into skateboards.

UPLUX: “IKEA is not the only style that can have wide appeal”

Saving energy through upcycling: Producing these Bauhaus inspired industrial desk lamps saves millions of joules of energy.

The world’s first 3D printer made from e-waste

3D printers number among the most sophisticated technological machines today. But would you have guessed that you can actually build one yourself using nothing but e-waste? No? Then take a look at “W.Afate”, the first open-source upcycling e-printer from Togo.

Handmade, recycled & funky sneakers made of tires

The Ghanaian start-up Gutta Soles designs the funkiest sneakers you’ve ever seen – made of old car tires and perfect for everyday.

BlindShell: A smartphone app for the visually impaired

How does vision loss – partial or complete – affect a person's ability to communicate using a mobile device? The Blindshell app offers a range of options designed to simplify smartphone use for the visually impaired.

Palestine: Experimenting with tradition

Recycling construction waste and reviving traditional building techniques: Shams Ard studio showcases what local and sustainable architecture can mean in Palestine.

Shoes that burst into flower

Designer shoes that double as seed banks: Too many old, worn-out shoes end up in our landfills. OAT Shoes has created a biodegradable sneaker that sprouts into lovely flowers when planted.

Cambodia’s first zero-waste fashion label

How the cloth scraps from Cambodian textile factories become colourful designer clothing in the fashion boutiques of Europe and North America.

Big Data:
Improving the public transport system

Many praise big data as the panacea for more efficiency, security, transparency and improving communities in large cities. To date this universal remedy has been rather abstract. The applications developed by Berlin start-up Ally demonstrate the concrete advantages of big data for citizens.

A taller, greener future

An abandoned brewery site near the very heart of Australia’s largest city has been reborn, and it’s becoming the toast of the town.

How citizens revived an abandoned square

Active citizens in West São Paulo have revitalized a square to create a small oasis in the middle of the city.

Less is More – the Spanish Bauhaus Renaissance

The Spanish initiative n'UNDO is bringing the classics of modern architecture back to life. It seeks to integrate sustainable space and urban architecture into local city planning.


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