Solar Home Systems: A money-making machine

Electricity comes out of the socket, most of us would say. But of course that is not the case everywhere. The German start-up Mobisol has brought solar systems to remote areas in Ruanda and Tanzania. Apart from providing green energy, they have generated jobs and a source of income for locals. Read More

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  1. James Bwibu Kollie , 03.11.2015, 14:10:27

    Thumb up! This venture could be a blessing and boom in our region of West Africa especially Liberia, my country.

  2. Dahir Hassan Gutale , 03.11.2015, 16:54:07

    I would like to know if this company can operate in Somalia. I am sure if this technology is introduced in Somalia most of the people will like it. If you are lookingforward to have interest in somalia please contact me. Thank you very much.

  3. thomas duveau , 04.11.2015, 15:04:28

    Liberia and Somalia are not quite on our radar yet, despite the fact that we are convinced that the need and demand in your respective countries are high. For the time being, I have to ask for your patience. When and as we venture into new countries, we will announce that on our website and Facebook page, so please have a look maybe once a quarter to stay tuned.
    All the best

  4. Diallo Mariama , 08.11.2015, 19:41:54

    I am from guinea -Conakry. Your business interests me too much. If we can work togother please, let me know. Exactelly, I am in Sangaredi and our town run off light. Thanks.

  5. Haziz , 14.11.2015, 12:15:34

    Hello. My name is Haziz Arifay from Albania. I wanted to know the effectiveness, as kw / h can be installed and how much is the cost of purchase and installation of this equipment. And I want to ask is elsewhere or is applied, except Rwanda and other African countries. How is economic interest, except that environmental. Thanks

  6. Awol , 18.11.2015, 23:07:55

    Firstly i really appreciate ur efforts to give this opportunity to east afric rspecialy for the country already mentioned. I want to sugest u that the power problems here in Ethiopia is one off the main problems i hope for ur efforts in ethiopia almost 13 MOTHS OF SUN shine so please turn for ethiopian farmers.again thanks for ur wonderful job. U can contact me in deep.

  7. prince himmel wallace , 28.11.2015, 08:54:55

    Hi Thomas, I will like extends my sincere appreciation to you and your devoted worksmate for some of our brothers and sisters in Africa. To clarify your minds, I'm a liberian who will you come to Liberia with the same project, for the fact that 95 percent of our population are difference for electricity. For more information's i'll be glade to hear from you. These are my numbers: +225.569.643.53 / +225.409.226.46 thanks