European Commission seeks bright ideas to support refugees and migrants

  • 2016 European Social Innovation Competition to award three €50,000 prizes for best ideas

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    Are you working on supporting migrants or refugees? Do you have a great idea in mind how to help them integrate? Or are you an immigrant yourself and would love to create better opportunities for those who are just arriving?

    Then you should apply for the European Social Innovation Competition 2016!

    The three best ideas to support the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Europe will receive a prize of € 50,000 each.

    2016 theme: "Integrated futures"
    With more than a million new arrivals over the last year, the EU has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of refugees and migrants traveling to the continent. Many of these people are vulnerable individuals seeking international protection. Receiving and integrating them in society presents a challenge but also an opportunity to build new inclusive communities and to grow Europe’s economy. The European Commission seeks innovative and creative approaches to realise this potential.

    What the EU is looking for: 
    The European Commission is looking for new ideas for products, technologies, services and models that can support the integration of refugees and migrants. Ideas may tackle education & training, employment opportunities, access to housing or health services, just to name a few. 

    Who can apply:
    The Competition is open to individuals, groups and organisations across the European Union and in countries participating in the European Horizon 2020 programme. Applications that are led by or have been co-created with refugees and migrants are particularly encouraged. The deadline for applications is Friday 8 April 2016 at 12 pm (noon) Central European Time.

    What you can win:
    Thirty of the most promising applications will be chosen as semi-finalists and will be invited to a social innovation mentoring academy in Berlin in July to progress their ideas. The three best solutions will each be awarded a prize of €50,000 at the awards ceremony to take place in Brussels in October 2016.

    Who is supporting it:
    The European Social Innovation Competition is a challenge prize run by the European Commission across all European countries, now in its fourth year. It is organised by the European Commission, supported by Nesta, Kennisland, Shipyard, Impact Hub, Tea after Twelve and Matter&Co.

    Interested? Take a chance, enter the competition and submit your idea!

    For full details
    and access to the application form please visit the EU Commission's website

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Comments (4)
  1. Tarek , 04.03.2016, 12:39:54

    Can any from the middle east submit any idea?

  2. Tea after Twelve , 04.03.2016, 14:18:09

    Hi Tarek, it doesn't matter where you are originally from. But you or your organisation should be based in a European country or one that is participating in the European Horizon 2020 programme (i.e. Turkey).

  3. Tanja , 07.03.2016, 10:07:40

    Can start-up ideas participate in the competition or it should be already established organization?

  4. Tea after Twelve , 07.03.2016, 11:30:01

    Hi Tanja, innovative and viable ideas are welcome as well. In fact, the aim of the Competition is to help these ideas to turn into real projects. In July, the thirty semi-finalists will be invited to a social innovation mentoring academy to progress their ideas.