Chapter 1 : Design & Architecture

Gaza's Rooftop Paradise

The demographic crisis is turning Gaza into a concrete jungle, green space is lacking. Rooftop agriculture is a small solution for a big problem.

Egg Power: a tiny portable house

Like Mary Poppins’s handbag, the Ecocapsule is a surprisingly roomy low-energy house.

Bringing clean air to the cities

Air pollution is a major problem in big cities. This new approach combines biofiltration with IoT to improve air quality. CityTree is a product, that is not just useful, but also extremely attractive.

Retro style space tourism posters

Travelling to other planets could be the next big thing in a 100 years or so. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory already set up the advertisement for it. The result are stunning posters in retro design.

The floating Dutchman

In the tradition of his water-taming nation, Dutchman Koen Olthuis designs floating islands to dwell and live on – not least because climate change calls for new solutions in architecture.

Villa Welpeloo: Constructed from waste materials

Villa Welpeloo is a house in the Netherlands constructed from 60 percent salvaged material. Google Earth helped detect the best construction area and identify waste stock.

Green architecture: Living in treescrapers

The trend is moving towards green urban planning. What happens though when architecture not only employs eco-friendly, renewable materials, but also takes the word “green” quite literally and tries to integrate houses into the natural environment?

Playing in a winter wonderland

These beautiful pictures of playing squirrels show how similar squirrels can be to human beings.

Living Architecture

When architecture interacts with humans: 6 examples of architecture coming to life.

Solar Home Systems: A money-making machine

How thousands of Tanzanians and Rwandans are earning money from sustainable solar power.

The splendour of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro has turned its underground hubs into full-scale palaces and temples of transport resembling a gigantic art museum.

Robots on the Catwalk: What’s cooking in the digital fashion innovation pot?

The fashion industry has long been slow in adopting new technology tools. Now things are really taking off though: Some thoughts on mass customization and a new generation of makers.

Grofie: Elegant green option for your office decor

This green & stylish innovation from Budapest brings a dash of nature into your everyday life.

The first nomadic design slum museum opens its doors

In February, the first nomadic design museum in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai has open its doors to honour local craftsmanship.

The Baltic Design Revolution

When our thoughts turn to Latvia, the far North, elks, and wide-open spaces immediately come to mind. But this country of just under 2 million inhabitants is turning into an enclave of the creative, especially in design and fashion.

What if furniture had superpowers?

Spatial restrictions in urban flats do not have to mean lifestyle limitations. Architectural robotics is one of the latest innovative trends making living in small spaces not only efficient, but comfortable as well.

The Hobbit House

Are you good with your hands? Then grab your hammer, chisel and saw and build your fairy tale home for less than 4,000 euros.

Wohnwagon: Stylish and self-sufficient living in a caravan

The idea of a well-kept detached house in the suburbs including the obligatory nosy neighbors and high utility bills doesn’t sound attractive to you? You’d rather live a self-sufficient life surrounded by nature? The "Wohnwagon" represent a viable alternative.

Talking about climate

Ahead of the UN climate summit, artists have installed over 600 artworks criticizing the corporate takeover of the talks.


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