The Nanotechnology Miracle

How nanotechnology saved a contaminated lake in Peru

Shortly before its irrevocable, complete collapse, the Cascajo wetlands were rescued by Marino Morikawa, a young Peruvian-Japanese scientist who spent his childhood fishing in its waters. He developed a nanotechnology that will soon be used to restore other waters as well – among them the famous Lake Titicaca. Read More

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Comments (13)
  1. James K McMahon , 31.07.2015, 16:22:43

    This solution to clean up a contaminated lake may be applied to cleaning air in our cities. Dirt particles are tiny and could be picked up electrostatically

  2. Esteban Garcia lau , 24.05.2016, 02:00:47

    es admirable lo que una persona determinada puedo lograr, en un corto periodo de tiempo, relativamente, y me inspira a limpiar los lagos de mi país, Guatemala, en el cual hay unos casos muy serios, favor de ponerse en contacto conmigo, para solicitarle información y asesoría de métodos de bioremediacion

  3. Francisco I Chaves , 07.08.2016, 18:05:31

    Admirable act and very well written article. I will definitelly follow this website.

  4. Christalla Demetriades , 19.10.2016, 05:16:20

    Do you have Marino Morikawa's contact details? My interest would be to connect with him to discuss the situation at lake Atitlan In guatemala

  5. Martin Bennink , 05.01.2017, 21:27:16

    Very nice article and great technology. Can you help me with some more detailed scientific papers/reports on the nanotechnology that has been used?

  6. Rohith , 26.12.2018, 07:53:49

    Thanks so much for protecting Mother Nature. I want to know the method more.. How can I get the solution and the filters? Can you guide me with the details

  7. Cristie radshaw , 04.01.2019, 15:54:35

    How much is it to have this technology introduced in our country, the Philippines. I grew up in.Makati and would like to see Pasig River get its life back again...

  8. Adji Sariono , 05.01.2019, 09:40:26

    It was amazing work of Marino san and the entire team..
    How can I get more information about this Nanotechnology and the Biofiltraion for our lake or river in Indonesia..

    Looking forward to receiving from you..
    Thanks n Regards,

  9. Rituparn Singh , 05.01.2019, 15:16:58

    Hi , Marino ,
    Rituparn from India , was impressed by your efforts and dedication. In India we have many contaminated water bodies of Importance which need immediate attention. I am greatly Interested in your work. Let me.know how I can contact you. Also is your method good for static water i.e lakes or for rivers also
    Rituparn Singh

  10. Kevin Stretton , 07.01.2019, 05:57:22

    Congratulations on a remarkable achievement. Would I please be able to make contact with Mr Morikawa? I have a similar interest in his work and would appreciate correspondence with or meeting him. Regards & thank you.

  11. Richard Amoah Tawiah , 14.01.2019, 23:57:04

    How may we work together, I need your product to clean up some rivers.

  12. jana gomonid , 01.04.2019, 18:08:15

    hello sir. This is for my report about the use of nanotechnology as a solution for water pollution. i would like to ask what are the nano-materials used and further explanation about the process . like the maintenance or something. It would be nice Sir if you would be able to answer me early. Thank you.

  13. Hector Lozano Gonzáles , 11.04.2019, 10:53:52

    Hello dear readers, for those who are interested in contacting Dr. Morikawa: I forwarded some of your messages to him, but unfortunately we aren't in contact anymore.
    Best regards, Héctor