Chapter 2 : Cyber Life

Geeks for the Cartels

Encrypted communications, drug deals on the web, propaganda per Facebook: The younger generation is driving the digitalisation of the Mexican drug cartels.

Internet to take away:
Fighting the digital divide

New software designed to provide people with internet access worldwide.

The African Superheroes

African legends come alive in award-winning mobile games and comics.

The Slum Challenge –
More Than Just a Game

In the computer game Slum Challenge, Europeans can immerse themselves in life in a Philippine slum from a first-person shooter and wander through real film sequences.

Do you believe everything you read?

The infotainment app Newspeak invites players to critically assess media language by asking them to identify which story is real.

Gaming for political change

How mobile phone games, comic strips, crowdsourcing, and virtual candidates shook up Indonesia’s presidential election.

The Maya runners:
Video games from Guatemala

A heroic Mayan runner and a Quetzal bird that flies between pyramids: Experience Guatemala’s Mayan culture through entertaining videogames.

Big Brother is watching YOU!

A group of techies have made it their goal to put the technical kibosh on surveillance: Detect IMSI catcher attacks with this smartphone app.

How a father found and freed his daughter using mobile phone tracking

In Mexico, family members of kidnapping victims are using new techniques to locate their loved ones.

From Tangier to Baku -
it's time for art, time for difference:
Here's L'Eclectique!

L'Eclectique is new art magazine hopes to showcase the positive energy and creative spirit of the Arabic world – with exciting stories and moving images.

Gaza Sky Geeks: Defying the odds under occupation

How can international business be conducted under a political blockade? How can technological innovations be developed with no access to stable electricity? The entrepreneurs of Gaza’s first tech hub are making the seemingly impossible come true.


Thought Crimes:
Remembering Censorship

Crowdsourcing for freedom of speech: Digital platforms honour journalists and activists who have been silenced by the authorities.

Suba: A Photo-Sharing Innovation Takes Off

From Ghana to Europe and the US in only a few months: A new mobile app from Ghana is changing the way we share event photos.

Welcome to the Selfie Capital!

The mobile-addicted Philippiness become one of the most attractive markets for investors in the internet branch: people are glued to their mobile phones, sending text messages to friends, loved ones or officemates, or simply scrolling down their Instagram or Facebook feeds.

Test your knowledge of the Laws of Armed Conflict

Can a hospital be targeted if the enemy is inside and targeting you? Get the answer in this brand new quiz app and test your knowledge of the Laws of Armed Conflict.


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