Lima, the horrible

"Lima is horrible", Peruvians say. The city is chaotic and full of ugly architecture and informal housing. And things only seem to be getting worse. But not everything! Some young architects already have plans up their sleeves… Read More

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  1. Paul Smith , 06.08.2017, 22:33:58

    Thank you for a very interesting article. I have lived in Lima for about 5 years, and am now planning to move to either Trujillo or La Merced, since all the evidence for a better quality of life in Peru seems to me to point to going to an area where the climate gives you a fighting chance. Unfortunately, Lima happens to lie smack in the centre of a zone most heavily impacted by the Humbolt Current. The resulting smog, result of the combination of the stifling ceiling of fog and toxic dust from the uncontrolled volume of sub-standard combustion engines that pass daily through the city has an horrendous effect, corroding everything, buildings, infrastructure, roads, parks, passage ways, human beings, everything is affected. Because of this, nothing looks nice, all man-made constructions eventually become covered in a horrible layer of crud, and, given the recent years of experiencing this phenomenon I can only image that people simply close off their minds to creating beautiful designs, carefully planned out places to live while they fight off skin allergies and respiratory problems, fungus, and secondary diseases caused by this phenomenon. This, coupled with centric governments with very little interest for what happens in the provinces, we now see mass migration to a city that cannot sustain anything more than providing each day chaotic travel patterns and over-population, where the majority of people fight to survive, wasting their time just to achieve basic tasks. One of my Peruvian friends suggested a "Lima 2", built somewhere to the south of Lima, or a sea-based road system to remove the through-traffic from the city centre. Some, like me are considering moving to live in another part of Peru.