Chapter 4 : Urban Development

Pilot Projects: Six creative design ideas for NYC

A playground producing renewable energy, and a rescue initiative for broken bicycles: Take inspiration from these intriguing ideas!

Favela tourism is booming in Brazil

These days tourists want to see the other side of Rio: the poverty in the favelas.

A Brazil without Favelas

The Fez Tá Pronto company is creating something that many think impossible: inexpensive, well-located and good quality apartments in Brazil’s cities.

Lima, the horrible

"Lima is horrible", Peruvians say. The city is chaotic and full of ugly architecture and informal housing. But some young architects already have new plans up their sleeves…

Water gets local

Plumbing and sewage treatment aren’t the sexiest of pursuits, but innovative approaches are changing cities from their innards out.

Urban explorations in Latvia

Photographer Aleksey from Riga climbs into abandoned ruins or up on tower cranes, and he experiences the threats of the cold war when penetrating former bunkers or military training grounds.

Soundtrack Urban Development: Everything new!


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