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We live in an age of constant crisis rhetoric. But despite the warnings of impending doom, has the sky ever actually fallen on our heads, as the comic- strip heroes Asterix and Obelix have been predicting for centuries? 

No, it hasn’t. In Germany you constantly hear the phrase it’s “five to twelve”, meaning that “the end of the world is near”.

But we’ve survived twelve o’clock countless times. What would it be like if it were after twelve already? Imagine... you could reflect on all the positive contributions that have helped us not just survive, but thrive.

Perhaps this is the time for you to sit down, have a nice cup of tea, and gather some inspiration from Tea after Twelve!  

Constructive, solution-based & crowdsourced 

Tea after Twelve is an international webmag on social innovation, entrepreneurship, science & lifestyle committed to constructive journalism. While everybody is busy talking about problems, Tea after Twelve focuses on opportunities. Our stories provide readers with solutions and inspiration how to get active.

Since 2015, Tea after Twelve presents truly innovative, trend-setting, socially & ecologically responsible ideas. The topics of the articles are crowdsourced within the Tea community and contributions are delivered from all parts of the world. More than 120 contributors from over 70 countries helped to make Tea after Twelve an international success story. 

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Tea after Twelve is all about stories of change. People from all parts of the world share their impacting ideas and lifestyle trends: people like you. 

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