Beam me up, Techie!

Issue #02: Editorial

Dear Tea Addicts,

Buckle up and get ready: Tea after Twelve Issue #2 is ready for take off! We’ll beam you up to Plant Tech and take you on a journey you won’t forget.

The result of our last month’s work is an issue full of amazing stories from artificial intelligence to smart energy. We dug deep into the secrets of robotics and nanotechnology, and enjoyed a virtual journey around the globe from Gaza to Indonesia. Our little tea room has expanded to include so many tech savvy people, and we were completely blown away by their passionate projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a couple words about the last few months: Almost half a year has passed since we published the first edition of Tea after Twelve. After so many months of preparation, publishing what we had been working on for so long was a huge step. We were both excited and anxious, of course: How would you respond? Would you love the concept of Tea after Twelve and the stories we had chosen as much as we did? Would you enjoy the way Tea after Twelve looks?

We can happily report that we were completely thrilled by your reactions: We’ve received so much encouraging feedback, so many excited emails, and we’ve met a myriad of inspiring readers, friends and supporters. Thank you all! We hope you’ve enjoyed the last months as much as we have.

But now, the countdown has started – lean back and enjoy the ride!

...9, ... 8, ...7, ...6, ...5, ...4, ...3, ...2, ...1

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