Drumi – the pedal-powered washer

It has happened to us all – you are getting ready to go out, only to discover that your favourite outfit is in the dirty laundry. But starting a load or heading out to the launderette for just one outfit is a waste of time or money.
Drumi offers the perfect solution: This tiny washing machine runs without electricity and takes up almost no space, even in the smallest of flats. And it washes and spins your laundry in just 10 minutes using only 10 litres of water, a bit of detergent and the power of your foot on a pedal.
The washer is not meant to do large loads or heavy items like towels or bedding, nor can it meet the needs of a large family. But it offers an effective alternative for those small washes in between. It washes an impressive 2.5 kilos of laundry with each load.
And Drumi is suited for use on the road. On a summer road trip to see the sights, it allows you to pack lightly and your summer outfit is ready for wear again in a jiffy.

The developers at yirego are currently testing the prototypes for durability and the first Drumis will go out to pre-order customers in Spring 2017.

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