Chapter 1 : Remodelling Money

Where the rich pay for the poor

Rarely has the Robin Hood principle been so charmingly enacted as in a restaurant of the same name in Spain. The wealthy dine here during the day, and pay for a free, warm, meal for the needy at night.

Big money for small businesses

A short history of money—and the story of how Swiss WIR Bank is protecting small and mid-sized companies from the pressure of continuous growth.

We Don’t Want your Dirty Money

Five Swiss villages rejected a tax windfall from a commodities corporation and donated it to the countries harmed by the corporation’s ruthless production methods.

The Kiezkaufhaus –
the local shopping express

Online shopping with a twist: The Kiezkaufhaus project exclusively offers products from local retailers and delivers faster than Amazon.

The other side of the coin

In a deprived district of the small Belgian city of Ghent, the local Toreke coin reveals how big the transformative impact of alternative currency systems can be.

Taking the power away from the banks

How to put an end to financial crises: taking the power to generate money away from the banks.

Frustrated with free trade and price dumping? Create your own currency!

Residents in the Chiemgau District in Germany are printing their own money – and as such backing the local economy.

Pounds with a Purpose

How Bristolians are using a local currency to support small independent businesses

Are we sleepwalking straight into another financial crisis?

How fintech could save us from the next financial breakdown.

Islamic Ideas for Fair Economic Management Today

Islamic economic thought contains numerous elements that can offer solutions to current economic problems.

Secure your wealth in gold, move it around in Bitcoin

If people are messing about with your money, simply exit the system: The Bitcoin-gold exchange set up by the Vaultoro startup could be a good way out.

The bank that comes to its customers

Inconvenient working hours and never any time to go to the bank? This bank teller in Ghana comes to the customer who can't make it to them.


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