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    This mobile projection screen lets you enjoy the Paris & Rio games anywhere

    Ah yes, the joys of public viewing – assuming you get there hours before the game starts in time to get a seat. Otherwise you're forced to stand in a crowd. And a trip to the loo is an hour-long adventure.

    Of course, there are other options: On warm summer days its always nice to sit on a friend's terrace and watch your favourite sport with a cold drink in hand. But getting the TV screen shifted from its usual place can be tricky. So in the worst case, you all sit inside to watch a game while summer throws a  party outside.

    “It's nearly impossible to find a white surface for projecting your movies or ball games in the woods or your backyard, and we've always hated the fact that we have to drag along those bulky pull-up/pull-down projection screens to the campsite or those inflatable screens that require an external power supply to pump the air.“ That's why the developers of Dashbon invented the “Magic Screen

    With two major sporting events scheduled this summer, this crowdfunding project is definitely one of our favourites – a portable projection screen stored as a flat disk that pops open to an 80-inch free-standing projection screen in seconds. So you can easily enjoy the games wherever you are. 

    It works with any projector. If you don't own one, outdoor friend Dashcon has also developed a mobile cordless boombox projector that lets you watch movies for 8 hours unplugged. 

    And the best part of the campaign: The team promises to deliver the screens in June. Get the party started! 

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