Chapter 2 : Live your passion

Why the future is up to Generation Y

90s, born around 1980 and now enjoying the best years of your working life. And just the right age to realize your dreams. We talked to Scilla Elworthy about how and why Generation Y will influence world events.

The story of Peru’s first transgender politician

One of the first transgender politicians in Latin America is currently city councilor for a community in northern Peru. We present Luisa Revilla – an impressive woman whose commitment to her constituents could serve as inspiration for many politicians.

How art is saving the lives of refugees in the Mediterranean

Since October, a floating island has offered a safety zone to refugees in distress at sea: complete with food, life buoys and solar-powered emergency telephones.

“It’s not a refugee crisis - it's a damn political failure”

Now is the time to take action on the refugee crisis and move past the usual, useless blather, says Joséphine Goube, Expert on Immigration for the European Commission.

The Magdas Hotel: Where your hosts are refugees

Next time you travel to Vienna, consider booking your room at the Magdas Hotel, Europe’s first hotel run by refugees.

Hosting refugees at home

A Dutch volunteer organisation is placing refugees in private homes where they enjoy the warmth of family life instead of the impersonal anonymity of life in a huge centre.

The Anarchists' Bread

The bakers of La conquête du pain keep their quarter in Montreuil happy with delicious baguettes - while practicing anarchism.

A tiny Brooklyn apartment turned into a Skateboard museum

Eric Pinto totally falls in love with Skateboards - and turned his tiny apartment into a Skateboard museum. Nearly every inch of the flat is covered with boards and skate artifacts.

Zaytoun, the little refugee

The world’s refugees’ struggle for survival comes alive in a new videogame.

The story of the Guatemalan astronaut who never was

How a dentist from Guatemala convinced his government to send him into space – with faked certificates and doctored photos.

Turn back the clock for something fashion forward

They are young, elegant, and extremely well-dressed: the new dandies of Johannesburg. Retro is trending in many African countries, and so is the vintage fashion collective Khumbula.

Find the place that really deserves your money

A new platform helps you find the closest fair & healthy food wherever you are in Australia.

Vegan boxing equipment: Destroy your enemy – not the planet

Vehement, a Berlin start-up, makes vegan, fair-trade boxing equipment – and is fighting its corner quite successfully in both Europe and the USA.

Fake weddings set the trend in Argentina

Today, many couples decide to live together without getting married. But that also means that people get less party invitations. So why not go to a fake wedding party?

Building bridges between the elderly and young people in Tunisia

A young Tunisian woman, Abir Rouis, wants to revive the hopes of elderly abandoned people by building bridges between the generations in one of the most disadvantaged regions of Tunisia.


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