• Moss Graffiti: Let it green!

  • © Anna Garforth
    © Anna Garforth
    © Anna Garforth
    © Hayli Alyce Payne
    © Mosstika
    © Something Collective
    © Mosstika
    © Mosstika
    © Mosstika
    © Yumi Sakugawa
  • Who says that graffiti always has to come out of a spray can? We have found proof it can be done differently – using moss. Yes, that green stuff that greets us from the edges of the pavement and the rooftops. 

    So if you’d like to decorate the outside of your home or balcony in a completely unique way, take a closer look at our little gallery of pictures at the end of this article. Anyone can do it; you don’t need to have a green thumb. Moss is easy to care for and the graffiti can be laid out in less time than it takes to bake a cake.

    Let it green!

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  1. Stephanie Hipwell , 11.01.2017, 21:43:33

    Hello there

    I am wanting to get a most graffiti wall done in my business do you do this or know how I go about having this done ?

    Hopefully hear from you soon

    Thanks Steph