Chapter 3 : Smart, Green & Healthy

Moss Graffiti: Let it green!

Did you know that you could make graffitis out of moss?

Turning Moss into a Living Power Plant

Are plants the energy source of tomorrow? A promising proof-of-concept suggests this might be possible.

Kingii – the wristband that saves you from drowning

Water sport enthusiasts take note: The age of bulky, annoying life jackets is over. A California development team has created a wristband that immediately pulls you back to the surface if you get in trouble in the water.

Printing out your DNA and cancer-fighting viruses

Biohacking, DNA robots and 3D printed viruses – unbelievable things have become possible in biotech. They could soon provide a cure for cancer.

A new technology reconnects amputees to the world of sensation

Scientists have developed a system of electrodes and algorithms that has successfully enabled people to ‘feel’ through artificial hands.

Starry Night:
Glowing Cycle Lanes and Smart Road Markings

The Netherlands: Two cycle paths with integrated solar collectors in their surfaces were opened this past winter - a infrastructural revolution.

How Augmented Reality helps to avoid phantom limb pain

Using open-source software, freeware games and a webcam, a new treatment developed in Sweden successfully tackles phantom limb pain.

How nanotechnology saved a contaminated lake in Peru

Shortly before its irrevocable, complete collapse, the Cascajo wetlands were rescued by Marino Morikawa, a young Peruvian-Japanese scientist who spent his childhood fishing in its waters. He developed a nanotechnology that will soon be used to restore other waters as well – among them the famous Lake Titicaca.

When hospitalised children become superheroes

What if a child’s hospital stay could be turned into one long superhero adventure? If not only the illness, but also the powers of evil could be vanquished in the end? A new tablet game for young patients will soon make this possible.

SMS for Health

An SMS service is fighting diabetes and cancer in Rwanda, and might also help prevent disease in the US and Europe.

Fashion meets Tech

Whether it is wearable tech or the optimisation of production processes – the fashion industry is profiting immensely from technical advances – as is the consumer.

Do You Speak Doctor?

3D animation and easy to understand informational software are designed to make communication between doctor and patient easier.

Stackable & Snackable Lego Candy

Don't know what to do at the weekend? Here's a funny way to make yourself and probably all of your loved ones very happy: Make edible and stackable lego jellies!


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