Test your knowledge of the Laws of Armed Conflict

  • Can a hospital be targeted if the enemy is inside and targeting you? Can you enrol young people as combatants without being sure they are 18? Can you pretend to surrender in order to attack your enemy by surprise?

    These are the types of questions - and they sometimes involve complex answers - that many combatants in armed groups might ask themselves in conflict areas. Fighter, not Killer is a mobile application to raise awareness of the law of war among armed groups. The app is is available in English, French and Arabic. 
    You will be taken through 28 scenarios covering topics such as tactics of warfare, basic rights, healthcare and aid, weapons or child protection. When you have completed all 6 topics you may move on to the Commander Level with more complex scenarios.

    The application has been developed by
    Geneva Call to promote the respect of the Laws of Armed Conflict (international humanitarian norms) in particular those related to the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

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