Chapter 1 : Artificial Intelligence

Have you seen them all?

The film industry has been fascinated with robots and artificial intelligence for decades – so we have compiled a list of our favourite robot films.

How a cute robot will help us conquer our fear of robots

RoboyJunior, a robot not only financed through crowdfunding, but also with a look the community helped define, tours classrooms to show young people how amazing robotics can be.

Dreams rewired -
Every age thinks it’s the modern age

The outstanding film “Dreams Rewired” takes viewers on a journey way back in time to the electric media boom of the late 19th century. At the same time, the directors provide a foretaste of technological development and the need for each of us to act in order to secure an open future.

Learning how to code: 9 tools you can start using right away

Not knowing how to code may be the illiteracy of the future. Yet learning to program is so easy today. Here are nine tips on how to teach yourself the basics quickly and easily.

Drones Go Civilian

Drones have an image problem: Very few have positive associations with the flying objects. Most people immediately think of surveillance and drone strikes with deadly consequences. Used responsibly though, drones are uniquely suited for civil applications from locating landmines in Bosnia to mapping historical sites in Peru.

20 years on: How will we be living with our robots?

Transcendence, Her and Metropolis – numerous science fiction films claim to show us what a world with self-learning robots might look like. What is already out there, and what can we expect in the future?

Brave new tech world:
To live is to be photographed – life in a smart world

How smart will the smart home of the future be? Will the walls of our houses soon be screens? And what is the personal price we will pay when this turns us into transparent citizens?

Why Science needs Advertising

Why is Tech in the public opinion cool & sexy and Science not?

01000001 01001001:
The face of the future?

A look at the future possibilities of artificial intelligence as portrayed in the world of moving pictures.

Using 3D printers to print self-learning robots

Researchers at Oslo University have already succeeded in producing self-instructing robots on 3D printers.

The Garden and the Snake:
The Development of 3D Printing

All technologies have two sides: the constructive and the destructive. And so is the development of 3D printings.

Soundtrack: The Robots

Robot soccer:


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