Chapter 3 : City Life

From Favela to Fame

How did a song from the favelas make it into the advertising spot for the new Mercedes Benz luxury car? A surprising story from Rio's suburbs on how the Internet has made favela culture mainstream.

Hacking Paris street signs

In Paris parks, visitors are explicitly instructed to pick up the poop when they walk their … wait a minute, their elephant? French artists have been hacking street signs in Paris - and we've taken pictures of them.

(c) WeSell socks

Funky Socks delivered monthly right to your door

Funky Socks delivered monthly right to your door- that's what WeSell Socks is all about. And these socks have a social mission, too!

Eco-Fashion: Is green really the new black?

Sustainability has become a megatrend in fashion in recent years. But environmentally sustainable isn’t enough – social responsibility is also important. So what can we do?

Mars da Favela: Crystals not Pistols

Australian rapper Mars Castro turns bullet casings from Brazil's favelas into jewellery. Bling instead of bang, Mars da Favela instead of Mc Marsepan.

Soundtrack City Life: Passinho do volante

The Boxer: the true story of a holocaust survivor as a graphic novel

An inspiring graphic novel about the life of Jewish boxer Hertzko Haft who survived the WWII death camp because he won the boxing fights organized by the SS.

The Magic of 1001 Nights

Anyone who does not believe time travel is possible simply has to visit Marrakesh, the “Pearl of the South”.

Try Sleio, a search engine for the greater good

Sleio is a search engine that donates 100% of its profits to causes you love. In other words, the money for every search you make, every link you click and/or product you buy through Sleio helps change the world.

0Tea Team

Streaming – why don't we build our own?

Musicians need to create their own streaming service demands singer/songwriter Roxanne de Bastion.

re:publica 2014

A conference review three months after the conference? Well, yes - but a different kind of review.

Pigs in Art

Miss Piggy, Pumbaa, Babe, pigs in space - yes, you might have heard of some really famous pigs. But pigs in art? If that sounds higgledy-piggledy for you: Illustrator & artist Florian Steffens will show you the big piggy world - and more. Oink!

A new era in cinema

Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood – what do you guess where the next global hub for film production will be? Well, it might be... the Caribbean!

Shoaib Ali Zahid

Reviving Pakistani cinema

If you trust the international media, Pakistan is all about religious fanaticism, terrorism and the Taliban. But of course it is not! Get inspired by young Pakistani filmmakers.

Fashion Week Pakistan - Showing Pakistan's progressive side

The fashion industry in Pakistan is still in a fledgling phase in comparison to India. But events like the Fashion Pakistan Week show: Pakistan is a country with a lot of fashion and rich in craft.

Digital creativity for social good – the European Youth Award

Are you young and do you feel like you could change the world? The European Youth Award (EYA) is looking for websites and apps that harness the power of new technology to solve real-life problems.


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