Chapter 1 : Mobility

How mobility innovations could re-shape our cities

The “Smart City”, a city in which modern technologies allow for sustainable living, will soon be technically feasible.

Cycling Highways - London's transport utopia

A new approach to transform traffic in big cities: the SkyCycle, a bike highway above the city.

Pallet skating along the tram tracks

Czech designer Tomáš Moravec has made use of a unique quality of the Bratislava tramlines: He surfs them with a euro pallet.

"I wish we had less money to spend"

When asked to name three wishes, Patrick Condon says he'd like people to think in a more complex way, for global warming deniers to burn in hell, and that we had less money to spend. He has spent his lifetime investing in sustainable city design and found some simple but effective answers for how to reduce greenhouse gases.

Philippines: Why rapid change in a city can be a nightmare

Metro Manila, the metropolitan region around the Philippine’s capital, is in a constant state of change. Traffic is a particular problem for Manila’s over 11 million inhabitants.

Stunning mobility innovations from around the world

Imagine the year 2050: How will we be moving within our cities? Nextmobility has crowd-sourced ideas from around the world.

Soundtrack Mobility: Move it!

Hövding: The airbag helmet with style

Bicycle helmets are a pure aesthetic disaster and the death knell to any hairstyle. Two young designers from Sweden have now demonstrated that bicycle helmets needn’t be ugly at all.


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