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Orthos Logos

Orthos Logos, which translates as “rational rhetoric,” is Greece’s first and only constructive journalism outlet. Since launching in April 2019, Orthos Logos has focused on solutions. More than just a publication; it is an idea: a completely non-commercial online magazine that relies solely on the support of readers and subscribers. Its mission is to provide high-quality, independent journalism to a wide audience, without catering to advertisers, sponsors, or outside interests in keeping with the “not just news, but solutions” slogan. Orthos Logos is for everyone who is sick and tired of the polarization and sensationalism of the news media and the dearth of “rational rhetoric,” for anyone looking for solutions and answers to “what now?” Othos Logos aims to develop a community of readers who take a constructive, solutions-based approach to their lives, rather than seeking to continuously assign blame.