Photo of Mos  Ku

Mos Ku

Julián Camilo Mosquera Marín, better kwon as Mos Ku, is a muralist and graffiti artist from Bogotá – Colombia; at 22 years old he started painting murals and now, at his 25 years, his short time experience does not stop him from painting and managing artistic processes at his city. He studied an environmental managing program at Disctrict University, that’s why he involves artistic clean processes in order to make paintings and murals that low impact nature; he focus on Street art styles like stencil (he make them whit recycled paper sheets) but the most representative characteristic on his walls is the message, charged of critical and cynical satires of the social and cultural situation of his country. Currently he works in pest control in order to get resources to keep painting, the art in Colombia is not supported as it should be, but he doesn’t worry about it, he keep positive and creating spaces to share art and change the perception of his gray and cold city. His dream is to Paint large-scale murals on europe, beside the artists he admire, but that is someting that only time will tell.