Photo of Joseph  Stodgel

Joseph Stodgel

Joseph is an activist and designer dedicated to promoting upcycling practices for plastic waste. He is the founder and director of Upcycle Santa Fe, an organization dedicated to the promotion and realization of zero waste practices in the capitol of New Mexico, USA and beyond. He is also the founder of the Trash to Treasure Festival in Greyton, South Africa which offers a creative response to issues of pollution and community disintegration with holistic waste management and upcycling practices. Commonly thrown away materials were utilized and upcycled into a variety of constructions including a rammed earth tire stage filled with building rubble, sand and wood chip, a workshop space made of wood pulled out of the dump-site, and four stuffed-plastic-bottle eco-brick walled composting toilet stalls. Joseph holds a degree in Holistic Science from Plymouth University.